Current trends in the international division of labor

Under the influence of MRI in the global economy is undergoing significant change, and at the same time the very processes of the international division of labor also change their content based on changing environmental conditions.

1. Under the influence of scientific and technological revolution has changed the content of all forms of MRI.
1.1. In general, MRI: the share of mining and agriculture to industries, actively involved in the MRI, the share of manufacturing increased accordingly.
1.2. In the private MRI:
a) It is diversifying, getting in inappropriate areas of production;
b) developing intensively interlining division of labor, mass production is characterized by the growth of goods, labor productivity and product quality;
c) increasing inter-firm division of labor through joint contracts, joint capital investment, unified marketing and logistics.
1.3. A single division of labor has become in-house division of labor within multinationals.
2. The character of MRI between groups of countries in the world economy.
2.1.Izmenyaetsya character MRI between the blocks of the "East" - "West": the former socialist countries are being added to the global system of MRI as full partners.
2.2. MRI content changes between the industrialized countries and between the three centers of world development.
2.3. Under the influence of TNCs and the strengthening of its own industry less developed countries change their specialization, adapting to the needs of the TNC, which they translate labor-and energy-intensive industries. Thus, developing countries are no longer a raw materials appendage.
2.4. In a number of industries developing countries were "net exporters" in the establishment of its own industrial production. For example, exports of India, Brazil and Pakistan.
3. International specialization of the country is increasingly dependent on and determined by the amount and quality of 

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