Factors influencing the development of international trade

The need for international trade due to the following factors:

First, the formation of the global market as one of the historical background of the capitalist mode of production;

Second, the uneven development of individual sectors in different countries and its products are the fastest growing industries that can not be sold on the domestic market, exported abroad;

and third, a trend that has emerged at this stage of development of the economy to the unlimited expansion of the scale of production, while the domestic market capacity is limited by the effective demand of the population. Therefore, the production inevitably develops boundaries of domestic demand, and businesses of every country are bitter struggle for foreign markets.

Feature of the development of international trade since World War II is in its dynamic development. This was, above all, the scientific and technological revolution, which stimulated the renovation and expansion of fixed capital, which was due to both the creation of new industries and indigenous technical reconstruction of old plants.

The immediate causes of the growth of world trade are important shifts in the production of the scientific and technological revolution, which required specialization and cooperation on an international scale. These processes were a major factor in the rapid growth of trade between countries, and this growth was mainly due to production manufacturing.

On the intensity of trade between nations has influenced the increased export of capital and the strengthening of multinational companies at the expense of specialization and cooperation of the enterprises located in different countries.

The growth rate of the international exchange of goods also contributed to the integration, especially in Western Europe, as they were lifted restrictions on trade between the two countries, which account for almost half of world trade.

In addition, the structure of international trade has changed under the influence of scientific and technological revolution, accelerated the process of the international division of labor and caused the growth of the exchange of high-tech products, manufactured goods and services.

An important factor in the development of international trade in highly developed market economy is the export of capital, which stimulates the growth of foreign trade. The export of capital in the form of business entails the removal of goods, since it is connected with the supply of the means of production for enterprises established abroad and

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