The nature and stages of development of the world economy

The world economy - a set of national economy are in constant dynamics, which are characterized by the expansion of international relations, and these relations are subject to objective laws of market economy. The result is a highly controversial, yet integrated world economic system.

Objectively, the formation of the world economy due to the laws of development of production and the international division of labor (MRI), "retraction" in the total process of social reproduction (ie in the reproductive process of the world) all new actors, transformation of world trade in one of the most important factors of economic growth, the need to meet the growing needs of a wide variety of products and services.
Forms the basis of the world economy international, not restricted within particular states, the production of material and spiritual goods, distribution, exchange and consumption. Each of these phases of the reproductive process of the world both globally and within countries affects the functioning of the global economic system. World economy throughout its development has gone through several stages.
The first phase of development of the world economy due to the appearance of the first elements of the world economy - world trade, origin, formation and development of the world commodity market. The historical framework of this process: XVI century. - First half of XIX century.
The second phase of development of the world economy due to the development of capitalist relations of capitalism and the transition to the stage of imperialism. This phase is associated with the monopolization of production, a sharp increase in the export of capital abroad, territorial and economic division of the world (the second half of XIX century. - The first half of the XX century.).
Thus, the expanded form of international economic dialogue, the international exchange of goods has been actively supplemented by other forms of economic cooperation between the two countries - the international migration of production factors.
Laid the foundations of the organization of the production of certain material benefits to companies located in several countries (extraction and initial processing of raw materials in the colonies and the production of finished goods in the metropolis). This phase of development of the world economy.
The third stage is due to several factors. Due to the deregulation of the global economy after the economic crisis of the 30's. (Great Depression) and the Second World War, from the middle of the XX century. it became clear that the world economy can not function stably without any common to all countries of the mechanisms of coordination and management.
At the micro level, firms have become more actively create vertical control circuit of the reproduction process, and gradually grew into an international corporation. At the macro level, a system of economic and financial organizations that monitor and regulate the world economic development (IMF, World Bank, United Nations, World Trade Organization).
In the 50-ies. XX century. destroyed the colonial system linking the economy of the colonies and colonial powers. At the turn of the 90s. there was a collapse of the system of "real socialism." The transition of the former colonies and the socialist countries to the market economy has made these countries more open. Thus, in the second half of the XX century. the global economy has moved to a new, higher than the world economy

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