Stages of development of economic theory

Economic theory is one of the oldest sciences, attracted the attention of scholars and educated people. Thus, even primitive man possessed the basics of economic knowledge, had definite ideas about running the household, the relationship developing between members of the community in the process and as a result of extraction and distribution of goods, the exchange of manufactured products.

However, these ideas have not stood out as an independent field of knowledge existed within the undifferentiated public consciousness, were an integral part of the vision of people in general.

Economic theory originated and developed in the depths of philosophy, and then separated from the latter part of the overall process of differentiation and specialization of science scholars, called the continuous accumulation of knowledge and the inability to cover the entire array of individual researchers.

In the XIX century economic theory begin to teach in the form of separate courses in law faculties of universities.

In the XX century the special economic departments, specialized economic higher and specialized secondary educational institutions, the economy begin to study in middle schools, high schools, high schools, colleges, and the circle of professional economists.

In the last century, AS Pushkin, whom Tsar Nicholas I commissioned the principles of educating young people to think, first of all, opposed the home education, and in the number of binding to study science called political economy.

Today, interest-educated people to economic theory does not dry out. A prominent American scientist Paul Samuelson called it "the queen of sciences", and the creators of the proletarian political economy considered her "the anatomy of the human society." And indeed, as there is no good without a doctor's knowledge of anatomy, so not a good economist, businessman, entrepreneur without the knowledge of the basics of economic theory. Paul Samuelson in the world renowned book "Economics" wrote that a person who has not been systematically studied economics, like the deaf, trying to give his assessment of a piece of music.

The origins of economic science to be found in the teachings of philosophers of the ancient world, especially the countries of the ancient East. The ancient Indian "Laws of Manu» (IV-III BC) noted the existence of the social division of labor, the relations of domination and subordination.

Further development of economic thought had in ancient Greece. The views of the ancient Greek philosophers Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle, can be described as the starting points of modern economics. Economic views of thinkers of ancient Rome were a continuation of the economic thought of ancient Greece.

Economy - it is a science that studies the use of different limited resources in order to ensure that the needs and rights of people in general, as well as the relationship between the parties and economic activity; as well as farming itself, as a set of means of production, which is used by people in order to meet the needs of

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