Legal category as a means of legal knowledge

In science often use words such as "term" and "category".

If the term refers to a word or phrase that accurately indicates the specific concept, then under the category - the most common, is extremely broad, fundamental, which generalizes the notion of fixing the most essential features of the phenomena of reality.

Legalistic method allows to determine the legal concepts (eg, such special legal terms as substantial harm, a legal person, serious injury, extenuating circumstances, etc.), identify their characteristics, to classify, interpret the content of the legal regulations and t . § Its specific feature is a distraction from the essential rights of the parties.

The problem, which in this case is put, is the clarification and explanation of the current legislation, in its systematic presentation and interpretation for the purposes of the law-making and law enforcement.

Therefore, the content of a technical method includes legislative technique and methods of interpretation of the law, as well as the study of the factors and conditions that apply these standards and have an impact on their nature.

The method considered is to investigate the use of the right categories, definitions, structures specially-legal methods.

It provides an opportunity to study in detail the technical and legal and regulatory side of law and on this basis professionally engage in legal

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Constitutional law

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