Ways of improving the practice of law

Study of the nature, structure, and functions of law practice gives her the opportunity to highlight those types (species, subspecies), the parties and the elements that are necessary to improve the quality and improvement.

Of particular importance at the present time, issues of improving the practice of law-making, as it is formed with the help of the legal framework of a radical economic, political and other transformation of Russian society, are introduced into the legal system qualitatively new tools, forms and methods of the legal impact on the processes in the country.

You can not, for example, to talk seriously about the development of market relations developed without sufficient and effective civil, commercial, and (financial legislation.

Changes in the mechanism of legal regulation, the expansion of the contractual relationship between the various subjects of law, the scope of legal self-regulation, the transition from the restrictive and restrictive ways of influence on privacy to obschedozvolitelnym, and in public areas - to the licensing procedure of public authorities and officials call for new approaches to all pravotvorchsstva concept, the revision of existing legislation to bring it into line with international norms on human rights and other instruments of international law.

It is necessary that the laws and other legal acts have found the most complete reflection of the ideas of freedom and responsibility, humanity and justice, equality and security, rule of law and solidarity. The quality and efficiency of the considered species of practice to a large extent also depends on the actual implementation in the specific activities of the competent bodies of legislative and scientific principles of democracy, transparency and the rule of law, the feasibility and cost-effectiveness, efficiency, etc.

The current situation in Russian socio-economic, political and national situation, the situation in the sphere of education, culture and spiritual environment in general are demanding higher rates of legislative activity, the early adoption of the fundamental laws. However, this should not come at the expense of their quality.

Many newly issued laws, presidential decrees and acts of the Government in this regard shall be subject to considerable criticism. The experience of law-making and law enforcement shows that the poor and conflicting laws undermine the authority which issued them and the whole body of law, give rise to legal nihilism, it's hard being implemented, accrete mass explanations vedomstvennyhinstruktsy, which nullify the essence of the basic act.

A big role in the creation of a harmonious society the legal system is designed to play pravosistematiziruyuschaya practice, so that activities (formed on the basis of her experience) to collect, streamline and harmonize into a coherent system of various legal acts (regulations, pravoprimenitslnyh, interpretation, etc.). This practice significantly affects the quality and efficiency of pravotvor-tion and pravoprimsnitslnoy activities, the level of law and order in the society.

The profound changes in all spheres of society, the intensification of the law-making activities of government agencies and business entities at the federal and local levels, worsening crime situation in the country requires the publication of codified acts by major industries and institutions of law, improving the methodology and results of generalizations materials pravoprime-enforcement practices and pravorazyasnitelnoy , the early introduction into the legal system of computer technology, the organization of banks varied legal information, Russian and regional legal information and reference services, creation of a single scheme of accounting, incorporation, consolidation and codification of the law, etc.

If you define a major, strategic direction in the area of law enforcement, they are reduced to, to raise to a qualitatively new level of work of all law enforcement, significantly increase their efforts to protect the interests of the individual, economic security and public order, protection of the consumer market, the prevention of crime , the fight against crime.

Important are the issues of strengthening the rule of law, elimination of formalism and bureaucracy in law enforcement, improve their logistical and financial support, work with the staff. Particularly relevant questions of acquisition, the correct placement, education, legal education, social and legal

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