Modern forms of money

The increasing spread of information technology in the monetary system recently spawned two new funds: a) the plastic money and b) electronic money.

Plastic money - debit cards to help make non-cash payments for goods and services, as well as get cash (ATM - electronic banking self-service machines for the issue of money).

Plastic cards are different in purpose: to reduce the price to the buyer, accounts for motor fuel, purchased by bank transfer in credit products and services, etc.

Under the e-money refers to the electronic cash payments that are made between citizens and banks, businesses, trade and services.

It is an application of computer networks, communications systems with the means of encoding information (use of symbols and names), its automated processing.

The use of digital signature to facilitate the conclusion of contracts of material nature.

With the help of information technology been established e-mail: submit your billing documents, information on prices, the quality and range of products, transactions of purchase and sale

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Global economy

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