The objectives and functions of the theory of state and law

Considering the concept of the basic functions of the state and demands an answer to the question of how they interact with its objects and principles of action.

The objectives and functions of the state - the phenomena correlated closely related but not identical. They can neither oppose nor identified.

In the tasks of the state is determined by its social purpose, a goal towards which it is in a particular historical period.

The tasks of the state have the original value in relation to its functions, are their nearest immediate prerequisite. In problems concentrating and refracts the impact of economics and politics in the development of the functions of the state.

In turn, the functions of the state are a means of implementation, the performance of its tasks. The tasks of the state come to life through the exercise of its functions.

The functions of the theory of state and law are the basic directions of activity of the science necessary to meet its goals and objectives. Functions characterize its theoretical and practical significance for the progressive transformation of society.

Usually are the ontological, epistemological, heuristic, predictive, methodological, ideological, organizational and application functions.

With the ontological function (ontology - the doctrine of the existence of) the theory of state and law recognizes the essence of state-legal phenomena, answers to questions, that is, the state and law, how and why they occur and act etc.

Epistemological function (epistemology - the theory of knowledge) theory of law is to develop scientific concepts, doctrines, legal concepts, categories, and the methods and techniques that help the scientific knowledge of the state and law.

Using heuristic function (heuristics - the art of finding the truth), the theory of state and law opens up new laws governing the development of state and legal institutions, particularly in today's market reforms.

The predictive function theory of law manifests itself in anticipation of any changes in the state and legal reality in determining trends in the state and legal life in the advancement of hypotheses about their future.

As a fundamental science, the theory of state and law and fulfills the methodological function, ie creates a system of concepts and categories that are used in all other legal sciences having a significant, fundamental to the law in general.

By implementing an ideological function, the theory of state and law brings in ideas and views on the state and law, acts directly on the subjects of consciousness and social life as the most important ideological factor.

Organizational and application function theory of law is manifested in the transformation, the reform of state-legal life, to develop recommendations and proposals to address the pressing problems of public-legal construction, to provide scientific and government regulation.

All these functions theory of law are interrelated and can give a positive result, but when taken in a certain combination, complex. Theory of State and Law of performing these functions in relation to the subject matter, drawing, including data on other legal and

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