The subject of Theory of State and Law

Every science has its object of study. No subject is replaced chal  Hegel, there can be no science itself. Subject defines self  sequences of science, its right to exist.

Along with the subject of science of science highlights the object of science. The object is a kind of integrity, which can be studied and studied many sciences, and each of these disciplines has its object in the object, then there is a certain teaching  drain, "cut", the scope, the problems highlighted in this facility. So about  time, the subject of science - that is what science studies, theory develops in an object.

For the general theory of law and the state as the objects are the law and the state, which at the same time are being studied and other sciences, both legal and non-legal (philosophy, political at  ukoy, sociology, etc.).

In general terms, the subject of the theory of law and the state can be described as patterns, properties and aspects of the characteristics common to all of  statehood and legal phenomena and processes. In any case, these problems are intrinsic to any object of general theories of law and the state  properties. However, be aware that the theory of law and state  you can go to different levels of generalization, and we can talk about the patterns and properties of a certain range of state-legal phenomena. For example, when we are talking about a particular type of law and the state.

There is a view that the subject of the theory of law and the state after blowing  include not only regular, but random (Prof. AB Vengerov). Apparently random, too, need to learn to separate it from natural  th. After the establishment of the general theory of law and the state as a system of knowledge is still based on the general information about the law and the state.

Talking about the subject of the theory of law and the state should distinguish between science and academic discipline. Academic discipline is based on the on  uke can have one with her name, but it's different systems, each of which  ryh has its purpose and its structure. Academic discipline is a system of specific theoretical knowledge, built in accordance with a specific training program and is designed to prepare specialists of a profile. Academic discipline did not study (she studied herself), so she does not have this characteristic to  USP attributes as object and method. With respect to the subject matter we can only talk about the specifics of its construction, the method of presentation of scientific  governmental information.

The subject of the theory of law and the state is quite complex formationization, and a component of its problems can be grouped in a certain way.

Study of the subject of the theory of law and the state assumed  Gaeta characteristic:

a) the nature of law and the state, and b) the common features inherent right and the state of any type and of any system, and c) the general laws of genesis (origin) and the state of law, and d) the types and forms of law and government, and e) the general laws, principles, mechanisms for the development and operationing of law and state e) the general laws of the state of law and communication with each other and other  gimi social phenomena, etc.

It should be noted that the subject of the theory of law and state concerns and problems connected with its "self-knowledge" - with its characteristic pre  ledge of the method, place in the sciences, etc. That is, the question that is discussed now on  .

The complexity of the subject of the theory of law and the state is determined by the fact that it covers not only the static moments (actually right and the state  NESS), but their dynamics (in particular, the process of legal regulation).

It should take into account the fact that the subject of the general theory of law and the state is composed, in fact, two of the subjects, although closely related  associated, but nevertheless distinct theories - the general theory of law and aning theory of the state. It also leaves its mark on a sort of a manifold  subject of this science. Chances are that in the future the general theory of law and the state will exist only as a comprehensive training displine based on two sciences - general theory of law and

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