Place of constitutional law in the law of foreign countries

All major areas of social life and their foundations in the complex are regulated only by constitutional law. The other branch of law concerned only the individual parties or though the principal, but some issues (eg property in civil law, the protection of nature in environmental law).

By adjusting the basics of life in a complex society, constitutional law thus plays a central leadership role in the entire legal system. The rules of constitutional law, especially the Constitution is the source for the other branches of the law, developed in these sectors. Article 29 of the Constitution of Japan in 1946, which states that "the right of ownership shall not be infringed" is the basis for the regulation of property relations in various civil law (in contracts of sale, mortgage, inheritance, etc.).

The principle of judicial independence and its subordination to the law only contained in many constitutions (the constitutions of Bulgaria in 1991, Lithuania in 1992, Belarus in 1996, and others), is the source for many of the rules of criminal procedure and civil procedural law. The number of such examples can be increased, leading illustrations relating to the employment, financial, land and other areas of law.

The ratio of constitutional, public, state law is in a different plane than the above-mentioned communication of constitutional law and other areas of law. Constitutional law - the bulk of public law. The term "public law" has a collective meaning.

According to tradition, running from Roman jurists, made up of public law includes those industries in which the regulation is not dominated by private relations and public spheres of life, constitutional, administrative, financial, criminal law, etc. Some industries, particularly civil law, are private law.

This division is largely arbitrary, especially in the modern era, when there is government intervention in the regulation of different areas of life, previously remained outside it. In civil, commercial, family law is also essential elements of public law regulation.

In some countries (Germany, the former USSR), along with the term "constitutional right" to use the term "state law." Often the contents of these areas of law coincides, in fact, it is one and the same industry, but sometimes they are different from each other, and mostly by volume.

It is believed that, on the one hand, the constitutional right of wider public, because the Constitution contains provisions relating to the property, the family, nature conservation, etc., and the law relating to constitutional law develops these assumptions.

On the other hand, the broader state law that goes beyond the constitutional norms, including many issues of public administration, administrative, financial law. However, in recent years in Germany published work, combining under one heading constitutional and state

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Constitutional law

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