Organic theory of the origin of state

Organic theory of the state of origin is widespread in the second half of XIX century. in the writings of Herbert Spencer, Worms, Preiss, etc. It is in this age of science, including humanitarian, experienced the powerful influence of natural selection made by Charles Darwin.

It is estimated by this doctrine, the state - it is an organism, a permanent relationship between the parts of which are similar to permanent relationship between the parts of a living creature. State - a product of social evolution, which is the only kind of biological evolution. The state, being a kind of a biological organism, has a brain (rulers) and the means to implement its decisions (subjects).

Just as among biological organisms as a result of natural selection, survival of the fittest, and the social organisms in the process of fighting and wars (and natural selection) add up specific states, formed the government, improving the management structure. Thus, the state is essentially "equalized" with a biological organism.

To deny the influence of biological factors on the origin of statehood would be wrong, because people - not only social but also biological beings.

However, we can not mechanically distribute the laws inherent biological evolution of social organisms can not be completely reduced to the social problems of biological problems. It is though interrelated, but very different levels of life, obey different laws and which are a variety of reasons

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