Psychological theory of the origin of the state

Among the most prominent representatives of the psychological theory of the origin of the state can be identified LI Petrazhitsky, G. Tarde, Freud, etc. They are associated with the appearance of statehood with special properties of the human psyche: the need of people power over other people, the desire to obey, to emulate.

The reasons lie in the state of origin of those abilities that primitive man attributed the tribal chiefs, priests, shamans, witches, etc. Their magic power, mental energy (they made a successful hunt, fight disease, to anticipate events, etc.) created the conditions for Depending on the consciousness of members of a primitive society of the aforementioned elite. It was out of power attributed to this elite, and there is power to the state.

However, there have always been and there are people who do not agree with the government, or that exhibit aggressive aspirations, instincts. In order to keep a "check" similar personality traits and mental state arises.

Consequently, the state is necessary both to meet the needs of most people in submission, obedience, obedience to certain persons in the society, and for the suppression of aggressive drives some individuals. Hence the nature of the state - the psychological, rooted in the laws of the human mind.

The state, in the opinion of the representatives of this theory - the product of psychological conflict resolution among the action (active) individuals capable of making responsible decisions, and passive mass, able only to mimic the actions of executing the data solutions.

Undoubtedly, psychological laws by which human activities are carried out, there is an important factor that affects all social institutions, and which in any case can not be ignored. Take, for example, the problem of charisma to see this (Greek charisma - a divine gift, divine grace). She has personality, endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities (heroes, prophets, leaders, etc.) - a charismatic personality.

However, the role of psychological personality traits (irrational) should not be exaggerated in the origin of the state. They do not act as decisive reasons and should be considered only as it is moments of state formation, because the mentality of people is influenced by the relevant socio-economic, military, political and other

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