The patriarchal theory of the origin of the state

The most famous representatives of the patriarchal theory of the origin of the state include the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, English thinker XVII. R. Filmera, Russian sociologist N. Michael and others

These scientists justify the fact that people - there is a collective striving for mutual communication, which leads to the emergence of the family. In the subsequent development and growth of the family as a result of bringing people together and increasing the number of these families and ultimately leads to the formation of the state. Thus, the state - a product of the enlarged family, it's kind of a big family.

Hence the power of the sovereign power of the father is a continuation of (the patriarch) in the family, which is unlimited. As originally recognized the divine origin of power "patriarch", humbly asked his subjects to obey the sovereign. Any resistance to that kind of power is unacceptable. Only paternal concern monarch is able to provide the necessary conditions for human life.

Like the father in the family and the monarch in the state is not selected is not assigned and not displaced citizens, because they - his children.

Of course, a certain analogy with the family of the state is possible because the structure of the modern state did not emerge immediately, but evolved from the simplest forms that really could well be compared to the primitive family. In addition, this theory creates an aura of sanctity and respect of the government, "relatedness" of all in a single country.

However, members of the patriarchal theory of the origin of state simplify the process of a state, in fact extrapolate the concept of "family" to the notion of "state", and categories such as "father", "family", wrongly identified respectively with the categories of "sovereign" "subjects." In addition, according to historians, the family as a social institution occurred almost in parallel with the rise of the state in the process of disintegration of the primitive

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